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7 Reasons Rural Living is on the Rise in 2024: Why the desire for Country Living never loses its appeal

As we move through 2024, there is a noticeable shift in lifestyle choices, with more people opting for the tranquillity and charm of rural living. At Roger Coupe, we’ve observed a steady and continuous uptick in interest in countryside properties. Rural living has never been more attractive, whether it’s the allure of open spaces, the desire for a closer connection to nature, or the appeal of a tight-knit community. Here are the top 7 reasons why rural living is on the rise this year.

Space and Serenity
In 2024, the desire for more space is a primary driver for those moving to the countryside. Rural areas often offer larger properties and extensive outdoor spaces, starkly contrasting the cramped conditions often found in urban environments. The peace and quiet of rural living reduce stress, allowing residents to enjoy a slower, more relaxed pace of life. The vast green fields, woodlands, and serene landscapes create a perfect environment for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Improved Work-Life Balance
With the rise of remote working and flexible job arrangements, more people are finding that they can work from anywhere. This flexibility allows individuals to choose their living environment based on lifestyle preferences rather than proximity to their workplace. The countryside offers a perfect backdrop for a balanced life, where one can work efficiently from a home office while still enjoying the benefits of outdoor activities and a healthier lifestyle.

Enhanced Community Spirit
We are lucky that our local area, as well as many other rural areas, offers a strong sense of community, that can be harder to find in larger towns. Neighbours know each other, and there’s a prevailing culture of helping and supporting one another. This community spirit can be especially beneficial for families, offering a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow up in. Regular local events, markets, and community gatherings foster connections and friendships, enriching the rural living experience.

Connection to Nature
Living in the countryside allows for a closer connection to nature, which has numerous benefits for physical and mental well-being. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and gardening, all of which contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Proximity to nature also offers opportunities for children to explore and learn about the environment firsthand, fostering a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Affordability and Quality of Life
Property prices in rural areas are often more affordable compared to towns, cities and their suburbs, allowing buyers to get more value for their money. This combined with the high quality of life that rural living offers, makes the countryside an attractive option for families, retirees, and young professionals alike. Additionally, the lower crime rates and less pollution in rural areas appeal to many for obvious reasons.

Health and Well-being
Living in the countryside can significantly enhance your well-being. Fresh air, reduced noise pollution, and a slower pace of life contribute to lower stress levels. The abundance of outdoor activities promotes physical health, while the peaceful environment supports mental clarity and relaxation.

Sustainable Living
Rural areas often encourage more sustainable living practices. Residents can grow their own vegetables, support local farmers, and adopt eco-friendly habits that reduce their carbon footprint. The countryside lifestyle promotes a deeper appreciation for the environment and a commitment to preserving it for future generations.


Our Team are dedicated to helping you find the perfect rural property that matches your lifestyle and aspirations. Whether you're looking for a charming cottage, a spacious farmhouse, or a modern eco-home, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way. Embrace the charm of rural living and discover a way of life that offers peace, community, and quality of life.

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